Our creations are for TALL SEXY CONFIDENT WOMAN.
This is our slogan.

V-Embroider Pvt. Ltd.
is Pakistan’s premier textile embroidery and stitching firm, employing the latest technologies in computerized embroidery, sequin and stitching machines. The company owns and operates a state of the art, machine-based embroidery and stitching plant in the well-established Ferozepur Road industrial area of Lahore, Pakistan. Its embroidery plant consists of a variety of latest Japanese, Korean and Chinese machines, the oldest machine having been purchased only in the year 2006.

The company has the experience and capability to cater to a variety of product requirements, ranging from embroidered fashion garments, running cloth, bed-sheets, pillow covers, Abayas, Jalaibyas, Kaftans, Cocktail dresses, shawls, stitched garments and logos on knitwear. Depending on the client’s requirements, the Company can prepare an order (i.e. procure cloth, embroider, cut, stitch, pack and ship) as per the individual design and specifications of the client. Alternatively, V-Embroider also comprises of a dedicated textile designing department, which develops computer embroidery design codes and garment tailoring cuts. The Company thereby maintains a catalog of embroidery designs and tailoring cuts, for the use and convenience of its clients.


The company has a longstanding commitment to excellence and innovation, and over the years had developed a reputation for consistently delivering quality embroidered cloth and stitched garments. It is one of the few firms in the embroidery space which maintains an actively staffed in-house quality control and management departments, equipped with the latest cloth mending equipment. The company follows a rigorous and strict cloth inspection and approval process which is directly overseen by the company’s senior management and Chief Executive Officer personally.

In Pakistan, V-Embroider’s clientele includes boutique cloth stores, wholesalers and exporters, ranging from medium to high end spectrum of the market. The company also exports directly to the Middle Eastern, European and US markets, through their established offices and representatives located in these markets (kindly refer to the "Contact Us" section).

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